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for my daughters who are mommies.. May 6, 2010

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Motherhood has been one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life.  God blessed me with some wonderful children that I have watched grow into these incredible adults that are now becoming parents of their own.  There is no mistaking that I had very little do with it, except to love them.  When I was a young mom with my little ones.. I would try to be that “super mom”.   I tried to be perfect, tried to say all the right words, tried to fill all their needs, tried to keep them happy all the time.  If things took a turn for the worse during the day, it was my fault.  The guilt would come, because obviously I was not the mom that I felt I needed to be and my children would grow up damaged from me.  I finally came to the realization, after much emotional turmoil and failure, year after year, that this job was just too BIG for me.  I would never be perfect,  I would never say all the right words,  I would never meet all their needs and some days were just going to be BAD.    If I could give anything to the wonderful young mommies in my life right now, I would give them the release from trying to be that perfect mother.  It is unattainable and a goal you are sure to fall short of.    What I found out.. the only perfection comes from Him and if your desire is to be that perfect mom to your children, then introduce your children to the PERFECTION of GOD!  He will meet all their needs, He will give them all the right words, and when those BAD days come into their lives they will know where to go for true help.  Because really when it all is said and done .. the best thing we can give to our children is a life that is pointing to HIM.  He is the one that created them in the first place.  So RELAX, FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR MISTAKES, and go to HIM for equipping.  He will make you that mother that your child or children need. 

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  From a very imperfect mother who knows the very PERFECT GOD!


i’ve walked this way before.. April 26, 2010

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There is a sense in the air right now or maybe in me, of change coming.  I have seven children and have homeschooled them all over the past seventeen years.  My first five children have married and have even added some beautiful grandchildren to our family.  Walking through the changes with my first five children has prepared me for these next steps with my last two but one thing I have not been prepared for or experienced yet is the “empty nest”.  This is the change I believe I am feeling.  I have two children left in my home and this is the quietest my house has ever been over the past 30 years.  I can’t imagine when the last two move on and out what this will feel like for me.  My sixth child, Daniel, turns 16 this year and my seventh and last child, Rebekah, turns 13.  From past experience, I know at this point, life really begins to SPEED up.    

My son, Daniel, applied for his first job today and as much as this makes me feel somewhat accomplished as a mother at this point in my life, I realized also that life is passing by way quicker than I would like for it to.  I know along with this  job… will eventually come a driver’s license, finishing up high school, getting SAT’S done, applying for college and somewhere in the very near future, probably marriage.  YES!  It goes that quickly!     

When they were all babies and growing, the days and nights would seem endless and run together most of the time.  I would wonder to myself  if I would ever have a moment to think, finish a sentence, or read through a magazine.  I say magazine, because I gave up on books a long time ago.  It took too much time that I didn’t have, so I resorted to magazines.  Way less frustration if I had to put it down and come back to it later.  OH MY!!  Yes, change is coming, I feel it approaching.  And as I begin to prepare to leave one part of my life behind that I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED, my childrearing days, I will pick up another and trust that the Lord will keep me through the changes as He has done so many times before.  Yes, I have walked this way before, but never with an end so close in sight.  Yes, I still have quite a  few years left with my last two at home and  I know there will never be an end to being a mother, but there will eventually be a definite end to what I have had, compared to what lies ahead.  I think I will be ready.  So..BRING ON ALL THOSE GRANDBABIES!!

Oh Lord… I am so grateful for all you have given me over the years.  Your love has pulled me through each stage and change in my life, and this time will be no different.  Help me not to cling to the past but embrace what is ahead, knowing YOU are leading me every step of the way. 

For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart.  Ecc. 5:20NKJV


so I was reading..Nehemiah March 26, 2010

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I just finished reading the book of Nehemiah.  A good book to read if you want to know about leadership.  Nehemiah was a leader in every sense of the word.  After reading through this book, I realized good leadership starts with a passion, a call that only God can give to someone.  But it can’t be just a passion or call, there has to be action, steps taken toward the passion you have in your heart to do something.  Nehemiah was saddened by the devastation of his homeland, so saddened that he left a place of comfort for a place of hardship.  He came across many roadblocks along the way because there were many against him, many that did not like what he was doing or even understand what he was doing but his passion and call were deep enough that he continued to persevere through the hardships. 

I am challenged by the call of Nehemiah, the passion, his willingness to lead.  I need to be passionate about the things God has called me to do.  Nehemiah was ONE man who followed God’s call and brought change and restoration to a whole group of people.  We can do that too.. if we listen for His call and wake up to the passion He has placed in our hearts to serve Him.

In the last chapter of Nehemiah three times he stated, “remeber me, O my God”;
“Remember me, O my God concerning this, and do not wipe out my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God, and for it’s services!” Neh. 13:14NKJV.  “Remember me, O my God, concerning this also, and spare me according to the greatness of your mercy.” Neh. 13:22NKJV.  And finally, “Remember me, O my God, for good!” Neh.13:31NKJV.

If you are missing your passion & your leadership abilities seem weak.. read thru Nehemiah and be encouraged that if ONE man can make changes from a stirring in his heart, so can you in your family.  What passion has God placed on your heart?   

Lord,  Remember me as I serve, grant me your mercy and help me to do good all the days of my life.  That my life might be a reflection, a reminder of You.


this time last year.. March 25, 2010

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This time last year we were in full wedding mode.  My fifth child, Angela, was preparing for her wedding.  On April 3rd this  year, Angela and Nathan will be celebrating their first anniversary.  I love the picture below because it captures the ease of their relationship, the comfortableness.  I know they will have ups and downs as a married couple but I am trusting the Lord to work in their lives and continue to always bring them back to this “comfortableness” they have with each other.  What a blessing to see my children make families of their own.  Thank you Lord!

Therefore what God has joined together, let no man seperate.  Mark 10:9NKJV

(*picture courtesy of  Parker Young)


so He waits.. March 22, 2010

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We took a break from our normal Sunday routine yesterday to attend a wedding of a sweet young man we have known for years.  There was an expectation in the air as the wedding date arrived and even more excitement as everyone waited for the Bride to enter the room yesterday.  She did not disappoint, she was absolutely beautiful!  But then I don’t think I have ever seen an ugly bride.  I know she spent the whole day getting ready, making sure her hair, makeup and dress were perfect.  And as she glided down the aisle all you can see is perfection on her.  Nothing out of place. Not a spot or wrinkle.

Makes me wonder about us as Christians, we are called the Bride of Christ.  Do you think when that day comes .. when He comes for His Bride that we will be ready?  Have we spent enough time getting ready?   Have we spent time thinking about Him, getting to know Him, spending time with Him?  He loves us and wants to be with us.  We need to get ready, we need to be ready.

that He might present her to Himself, a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and without blemish. Eph.5:27NKJV

Congratulations to Jeremy and Kelly Stanton.. may the LORD bless you and keep you!


and then I was a grandmother June 28, 2009

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Motherhood has an extra blessing attached, it is called Grandmotherhood!  What I did not seem to have time for when my own children were small, I seem to have all the time in the world for, with my grandchildren.  For some reason when they come into my house all motion ceases.  I don’t know why this occurs, it just does. 

When you are in the motherhood stage seems you are always trying to get things done.  But I am finding in the grandmother stage some things are more important than what you think needs to get done.  Also I think,  all the sudden, you are hit with the realization of  how quickly life is passing by, especially when you are staring into the eyes of a child of your child. 

I always heard how wonderful grandparenting was, but until I actuallly held my first grandchild in my arms I was not totally a believer.  I am a believer now, it really is as wonderful as you hear and even more fulfilling than you can imagine.

Thank you Lord for my sweet grandchildren and for all that they have added to my life!