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i’ve walked this way before.. April 26, 2010

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There is a sense in the air right now or maybe in me, of change coming.  I have seven children and have homeschooled them all over the past seventeen years.  My first five children have married and have even added some beautiful grandchildren to our family.  Walking through the changes with my first five children has prepared me for these next steps with my last two but one thing I have not been prepared for or experienced yet is the “empty nest”.  This is the change I believe I am feeling.  I have two children left in my home and this is the quietest my house has ever been over the past 30 years.  I can’t imagine when the last two move on and out what this will feel like for me.  My sixth child, Daniel, turns 16 this year and my seventh and last child, Rebekah, turns 13.  From past experience, I know at this point, life really begins to SPEED up.    

My son, Daniel, applied for his first job today and as much as this makes me feel somewhat accomplished as a mother at this point in my life, I realized also that life is passing by way quicker than I would like for it to.  I know along with this  job… will eventually come a driver’s license, finishing up high school, getting SAT’S done, applying for college and somewhere in the very near future, probably marriage.  YES!  It goes that quickly!     

When they were all babies and growing, the days and nights would seem endless and run together most of the time.  I would wonder to myself  if I would ever have a moment to think, finish a sentence, or read through a magazine.  I say magazine, because I gave up on books a long time ago.  It took too much time that I didn’t have, so I resorted to magazines.  Way less frustration if I had to put it down and come back to it later.  OH MY!!  Yes, change is coming, I feel it approaching.  And as I begin to prepare to leave one part of my life behind that I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED, my childrearing days, I will pick up another and trust that the Lord will keep me through the changes as He has done so many times before.  Yes, I have walked this way before, but never with an end so close in sight.  Yes, I still have quite a  few years left with my last two at home and  I know there will never be an end to being a mother, but there will eventually be a definite end to what I have had, compared to what lies ahead.  I think I will be ready.  So..BRING ON ALL THOSE GRANDBABIES!!

Oh Lord… I am so grateful for all you have given me over the years.  Your love has pulled me through each stage and change in my life, and this time will be no different.  Help me not to cling to the past but embrace what is ahead, knowing YOU are leading me every step of the way. 

For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart.  Ecc. 5:20NKJV


8 Responses to “i’ve walked this way before..”

  1. Sis Says:

    very nice Gina, I’ve been going though the empty nest for awhile now. It’s all good and I’m looking forward to what ever the Lord has for me to do in the years to come. Having Grandchildren in my life is a wonderful blessing and I’m so thankful that I can have a part in their lives! Be blessed.
    love, Me

  2. Esther Says:

    it’s an end to your child rearing days and just the beginning of your grandchild rearing days. We need you, Gina!!!!!

  3. Beulah Says:


    I love this blog! I’m a dedicated follower now that I have discovered it. Nice to read your insight. I have no idea what that might feel like having all of your children eventually leave the nest and have never thought that far into the future. It’s refreshing to read something from a different stage of life/point of view. Keep writing!

    Miss you very much!

    P.S When Daniel and Bekah move out, I’ll move in,
    watch cartoons & take out the trash to fill the void.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Hahaha…at Beulah’s comment…she’s completely serious, mom! I don’t know if I can keep reading your blog. You always make me tear up!! But Esther is right..just the beginning of your grand-children rearing days..we do need you! Love you so much.

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