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for my daughters who are mommies.. May 6, 2010

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Motherhood has been one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life.  God blessed me with some wonderful children that I have watched grow into these incredible adults that are now becoming parents of their own.  There is no mistaking that I had very little do with it, except to love them.  When I was a young mom with my little ones.. I would try to be that “super mom”.   I tried to be perfect, tried to say all the right words, tried to fill all their needs, tried to keep them happy all the time.  If things took a turn for the worse during the day, it was my fault.  The guilt would come, because obviously I was not the mom that I felt I needed to be and my children would grow up damaged from me.  I finally came to the realization, after much emotional turmoil and failure, year after year, that this job was just too BIG for me.  I would never be perfect,  I would never say all the right words,  I would never meet all their needs and some days were just going to be BAD.    If I could give anything to the wonderful young mommies in my life right now, I would give them the release from trying to be that perfect mother.  It is unattainable and a goal you are sure to fall short of.    What I found out.. the only perfection comes from Him and if your desire is to be that perfect mom to your children, then introduce your children to the PERFECTION of GOD!  He will meet all their needs, He will give them all the right words, and when those BAD days come into their lives they will know where to go for true help.  Because really when it all is said and done .. the best thing we can give to our children is a life that is pointing to HIM.  He is the one that created them in the first place.  So RELAX, FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR MISTAKES, and go to HIM for equipping.  He will make you that mother that your child or children need. 

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  From a very imperfect mother who knows the very PERFECT GOD!