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this time last year.. March 25, 2010

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This time last year we were in full wedding mode.  My fifth child, Angela, was preparing for her wedding.  On April 3rd this  year, Angela and Nathan will be celebrating their first anniversary.  I love the picture below because it captures the ease of their relationship, the comfortableness.  I know they will have ups and downs as a married couple but I am trusting the Lord to work in their lives and continue to always bring them back to this “comfortableness” they have with each other.  What a blessing to see my children make families of their own.  Thank you Lord!

Therefore what God has joined together, let no man seperate.  Mark 10:9NKJV

(*picture courtesy of  Parker Young)


so He waits.. March 22, 2010

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We took a break from our normal Sunday routine yesterday to attend a wedding of a sweet young man we have known for years.  There was an expectation in the air as the wedding date arrived and even more excitement as everyone waited for the Bride to enter the room yesterday.  She did not disappoint, she was absolutely beautiful!  But then I don’t think I have ever seen an ugly bride.  I know she spent the whole day getting ready, making sure her hair, makeup and dress were perfect.  And as she glided down the aisle all you can see is perfection on her.  Nothing out of place. Not a spot or wrinkle.

Makes me wonder about us as Christians, we are called the Bride of Christ.  Do you think when that day comes .. when He comes for His Bride that we will be ready?  Have we spent enough time getting ready?   Have we spent time thinking about Him, getting to know Him, spending time with Him?  He loves us and wants to be with us.  We need to get ready, we need to be ready.

that He might present her to Himself, a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and without blemish. Eph.5:27NKJV

Congratulations to Jeremy and Kelly Stanton.. may the LORD bless you and keep you!


and then I was a grandmother June 28, 2009

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Motherhood has an extra blessing attached, it is called Grandmotherhood!  What I did not seem to have time for when my own children were small, I seem to have all the time in the world for, with my grandchildren.  For some reason when they come into my house all motion ceases.  I don’t know why this occurs, it just does. 

When you are in the motherhood stage seems you are always trying to get things done.  But I am finding in the grandmother stage some things are more important than what you think needs to get done.  Also I think,  all the sudden, you are hit with the realization of  how quickly life is passing by, especially when you are staring into the eyes of a child of your child. 

I always heard how wonderful grandparenting was, but until I actuallly held my first grandchild in my arms I was not totally a believer.  I am a believer now, it really is as wonderful as you hear and even more fulfilling than you can imagine.

Thank you Lord for my sweet grandchildren and for all that they have added to my life!